Electric hot water bag time with long water can become less?
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Electric hot water bag burning time long water meeting less?

Answer: Yes, as long as it's not leaking, it's normal to leak a little steam at a time.

Hot water bag inside is not water, add water is useless, not hot, inside is conductive liquid, added iron powder, or other conductive substances, through electrolysis, electromagnetic principle to produce heat.

Electric hot water bag water less can add water?

Don't add it.

Electric hot water bag has electric heating wire type and electrode type, electric heating wire type is generally water and electricity separation structure, the liquid inside is not charged, the heating tube is generally U-shaped tube, and the contact area with the liquid is large, uniform heating, so the water and electricity separation structure filled with liquid is generally tap water, can be replaced many times, high safety. You may be the electrode type electric hot water bag, which is added with heat energy conversion agent, one-time use, is generally unable to supplement the liquid, electrode type electric hot water bag charging liquid is charged, unsafe, do not recommend their own replacement. It is recommended to buy water and electricity separation structure.

Water hot water bottle and electric hot water bottle which is the safest

From the perspective of safety, water injection hot water bag will be safer, because water injection hot water bag is filled with hot water, and then on the surface of the hot water bag with suede cover to heat insulation, so as to avoid burns when using, generally after filling in hot water water injection hot water bag can hold heat for 2 to 5 hours, and the hot water bag itself can be used many times.

The charging hot water bag uses the power supply to replace the hot water, which is more convenient to use. You do not need to heat the water many times by yourself. You only need to plug in the electricity to heat it, and it can also be used many times.

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