Tips: Precautions in the use of electric hot water bottle!
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When the weather turns cool, PVC hot water bottle and electric hot water bag are better tools to keep warm. Today, Xiaobian wants to remind you what you need to pay attention to when using electric hot water bag. Let's take a look at it together.

The working principle of the electric heating bag should be improved under the premise of solid electric heating cake. The manufacturer of the electric hot water bag chooses the electrode heating method, and the excellent temperature control and two-way temperature control of the hot fuse are commercial insurance. Usually, when the liquid temperature in the bag reaches 65 degrees, the temperature controller will automatically cut off the power circuit and terminate the heating. Once the operation of the temperature controller fails, the thermal fuse cuts off the switching power supply and stops heating. A new product needs to be replaced. Please do not try to repair it.

1. Liquid has been injected into the product.

2. Charging and heating: First, open the rotating cover to the left or right according to the direction of the indicated arrow, and then insert the coupling power plug of the customized electric hot water bag into the power plug of the bag body, and then plug in the power. Charging gradually, the red light on; When the red light is off, this product has completed the whole process of charging and heating and entered the temperature control situation, then you can first cut off the switch power supply and then unplug the power cord plug of this product. The normal charging and heating period of the product is 8-12min.

Pay attention in use!

1. Before each charging and heating, test the firmness of the water injection port bottle plug. The power plug of the electric hot water bottle should face up, and then charge and heat. No matter the charging heating (the red light is on) or heat insulation, it belongs to the plug-in condition. It is strictly forbidden to use this product under the plug-in condition.

2. It is strictly prohibited to use products for infants; If this product is found to have water seepage, water seepage phenomenon, strictly prohibited use.

3. When heating, if the bag body is found to be seriously swollen and spherical, it is strictly prohibited to use.

4. Do not touch the product with sharp objects or fire, and do not press and extrude with super strength to prevent leakage of liquid.

5. Do not press the bag body with lifting objects.

6. The surface dirt can be cleaned with a soft rag of dishwashing detergent. Strong aqueous solution, such as aqueous solution of automotive gasoline, should not be used to prevent the destruction of this product.

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