Is a hot water bag a hot water bottle?
Release date: [2022/12/12]  Read total of [56] times

Warm water bag belongs to the modern word, refers to the hot water bottle, they are the same product. A PVC hot water bottle used in daily life, loaded with hot water, can be heated or used for hot compress.

Hot water bottles are warmer and healthier. When you use a hot water bottle to warm yourself, as the temperature drops gradually, the body needs to continuously generate more heat to maintain the temperature and effectively improve the body's resistance to the cold. In addition, the temperature inside the bed is basically constant, which also avoids excessive loss of water and salt during sleep.

What are the other effects of PVC hot water bottle?

Place a hot water bottle under your feet for better warmth. Medical research shows that people's feet are far from the heart, the blood supply is less, coupled with the foot fat layer is very thin, local temperature is often low. The foot is the beginning and ending point of the Zusanyin meridian and the Zusanyyang meridian, which is closely related to the viscera meridians of the whole body. If the hot water bag is placed on the sole of the foot when sleeping, it can warm the meridians of the foot, promote the circulation of Qi and blood, and make the heat reach the whole body.

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