What is the water in the electric hot water bottle?
Release date: [2022/12/12]  Read total of [54] times

We all know that PVC hot water bottles are basically filled into the hot water bag, then do you know what water is added in the electric hot water bottle?

Electric hot water bottle is filled with sodium acetate supersaturated solution, is a supersaturated solution. Supersaturated solution is a certain temperature and pressure, when the solute concentration in the solution has exceeded the temperature and pressure of the solute solubility, but the solute still does not precipitate phenomenon called supersaturation. The liquid in the hand warmer is this liquid, some people say water, but it's not water, it's a solution because when the temperature drops it quickly crystallizes and it gives off a lot of heat during the solidification process, so the heat stored in it is much more than water.

Water, iron powder and ferrite, electric hot water bag is generated by electromagnetic heat energy, in order to prevent leakage of electricity to produce electromagnetic things is closed up, after the electricity is generated magnetic field iron and magnetic is mutual reaction, so that the so-called "water" inside the eddy current and hysteresis and then produced heat energy, and why the transformer will heat is related to the hysteresis and eddy current and hot, Transformers are made into sheets of silicon steel to reduce hysteresis and eddy currents, which dissipates heat. Electric hot water bottles are the opposite. But be careful how you use it.

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