What do you need to pay attention to when using hot water bottle in winter
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What do you need to pay attention to when using hot water bottle in winter?

Now many hot water bottles are charged, but there are many old people used to use the old hot water bag need water, this kind of hot water bag must pay attention to not too much water when filling, otherwise the hot water bag expansion hardened, soft comfort decreased, and the skin contact area is reduced, the thermal effect is reduced. When using a hot water bottle, wrap the hot water bottle with a towel or cloth bag to avoid direct contact with your skin to avoid burns. General adults use hot water bag water temperature in 60~70℃, coma, the elderly, infants, insensitive people should adjust the water temperature to 50℃.

The main points to use the hot water bottle are:

1. acial trigone infection Because the facial vein has no venous flap and is communicated with the intracranial cavernous sinus, hyperthermia can dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow, leading to bacteria and toxins entering the blood circulation, promoting the spread of inflammation, resulting in serious intracranial infection and sepsis.

2, acute abdominal pain is not clearly diagnosed hyperthermia can relieve pain, but it is easy to hide the truth of the condition, and even aggravate the condition, delaying the diagnosis and treatment.

3. Hyperthermia of various organs bleeding can make local blood vessels dilate, increase blood flow and vascular permeability of organs and aggravate bleeding.

4, soft tissue injury or sprain within 48 hours of the application of heat to promote blood circulation, aggravate subcutaneous bleeding, swelling. Make the pain worse.

5, metal graft parts metal is a good conductor of heat, heat is easy to cause scald.

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