PVC hot water bag these common sense you know a few?
Release date: [2023/1/9]  Read total of [190] times

How many common sense do you know about PVC hot water bottle ?

1, PVC hot water bottle filled with water overheating, too much, by external extrusion, air is not drained will lead to hot water bag explosion. It is best not to pour freshly boiled water into it, and do not give the hot water bag strong squeeze. If the hot water bag is used in a very cold environment, and the water is too hot, it can be dangerous. HUGO hot water bag imported from Germany although the material is thicker, but the water temperature should be controlled below 80℃ as far as possible when used. Do not believe that many online car rolling hot water bag explosion test, and can not really reflect the explosion performance of hot water bag.

2, it is recommended that when using PVC hot water bottle , do not pack boiling water, a little cool, although hot is not bad, but the smell is larger, and will affect the service life. If the taste is pungent or the taste is still strong after three or four times of use, it indicates that the product additives exceed the standard or the monomer without polymerization exceeds the standard, and the volatile odor will cause harm to the human body.

3, with a cloth bag covered with PVC hot water bottle  can maintain health and prolong the service life, but also to prevent the temperature of the bag is too high to burn their own skin or children. If you are still using this kind of energy-saving and environmentally friendly items, you can follow this method.

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