Re shuidai warm tip | using tips
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The production of PVC hot water bottle in the month of slow cooling strength to keep warm, winter heating, summer ice without washer design, to avoid washer aging, increase the spout design, water smooth and safer. PVC hot water bottle adopts imported environmental protection PVC raw materials, and actively introduces advanced production technology at home and abroad. Every product has been tested by air pressure to ensure product quality. Durable heat preservation, explosion-proof pressure prevention, dripping water, double-sided temperature sense, novel shape, gorgeous color, uniform heat dissipation, provide comfortable temperature, high temperature resistance, hot and cold compress can be applied, cold and hot dual use, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, strong wear resistance, no odor. PVC hot water bags are thick enough to store more heat

Warm at the same time pay more attention to health, PVC hot water bottle slow cooling strength to continue the temperature, winter heating, summer ice without washer design, avoid washer aging, increase the spout design, water smooth and safer. PVC hot water bottle all kinds of colors, all kinds of modeling, at the same time to accept customized, to meet the needs of different customers.

Month Feng share hot water bag use tips:

1. When using hot water bag to fill with water, it should not be filled too full, not more than two-thirds of its rated capacity. At the same time, the air in the bag should be discharged after filling with water and the sealing of the plug should be checked.

2. The water temperature of the hot water bag should not be too high, generally around 80 ~ 90℃, and it should not contact with acid, alkali and grease substances.

3. Before use, attention should be paid to whether the hot water bag used has aging phenomenon and changes in the thickness of the bag body. Once there are the above changes, it should be abandoned to prevent over-age service.

4. When using, it is best to cover the body of the hot water bag with cloth, which can play the corresponding protective role, and it is not suitable to puncture the hot water bag under heavy pressure and sharp instruments.

5, for the price is too low hot water bag products should be vigilant, do not cohabit cheap, prevent the purchase of inferior products, at the same time should retain the consumption voucher (it is best to keep the invoice).

6, storage hot water bag should be filled in the bag, flat and stored in a cool and dry place.

7. Infants and toddlers should use special small hot water bags, and the water temperature should be controlled below 60℃.

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