Have you controlled the temperature of the little hot water bottle?
Release date: [2023/1/30]  Read total of [33] times

The weather turns cold, afraid of cold friends like to hold a hot water bottle, but, can you think of it? A small hot water bag unexpectedly mutation "bomb", since the beginning of winter, similar hot water bag, electric treasure and other scald events increased. To be safe, do you know the temperature of the hot water bottle?

First of all, below 80℃ is safe, how many people do not know.

Hot water bag is only suitable for pouring 70-80 degrees Celsius water, the general public is not aware, most people think that you can pour boiling water.

How to Use hot water bottle Safely?

1. The hot water in the hot water bag should not exceed 80℃;

2. When using, wrap the hot water bag with a towel or blanket to avoid leakage;

3. Electric hot water bag to avoid long-term connection of the power supply, the power supply is not pulled out for a long time, easy to occur electric shock;

4. Don't squeeze around the waist or other body parts;

5. When using the hot water bag, it is forbidden to use the hot water bag to prevent burns and dermatitis caused by low temperature.

Doctor's note:

There are some warm stickers on the market, warm foot insole and other items, we must be in accordance with the specification requirements of the standard use, in order to avoid danger. And no matter what style of hot water bottle to buy, we should look at the production date and use time limit on the packaging, and pay attention to the correct use method, so as to avoid danger.

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