Hot water bottle four points to teach you purchasing skills
Release date: [2023/1/30]  Read total of [39] times

Water injection hot water bottle in the purchase is these four points you take into account?

Water leakage resistance

The water leakage resistance of hot water bottle is mainly related to the thickness of the bag body, tensile strength, the tightness between the lid and the thread opening.

According to the industry standard of "Rubber hot water Bag", the tensile strength of rubber hot water bag shall be tested in the environment of hot air aging and hot water aging. The benchmark tensile strength shall be more than 14Mpa and the benchmark elongation at break shall be more than 500%.

Generally qualified hot water bag will indicate the name of the product, the name of the manufacturer, the address, the telephone number, the qualified inspection report, the quality warning information, you can judge its water leakage performance from the qualified inspection report.

Safety of irrigation

Water injection hot water bag, after all, is the hot water into the bag, so when filling water must be safe, do not burn yourself. Try to choose a large caliber hot water bag and a splash proof design to reduce the risk of burns.

Warm tip: When the hot water just opened, do not pour it in immediately, 100℃ hot water poured into the hot water bag will not burn yourself, so wait for it to cool for a while before pouring.


Rubber hot water bottle is mainly composed of rubber and chemical additives. PVC material will be processed with plasticizer in production, and some odor will be emitted when the temperature is higher. Therefore, the general hot water bag will have a little gum smell when it is used for the first time, and the smell is basically gone after three or four times. If the hot water bag you buy has an unpleasant smell when it is used for many times, the warm water bag is not up to standard.

Thermal insulation performance

The thermal insulation performance is closely related to the material, thickness and sealing of the hot water bottle. The cooling speed of the warm water bag made of PVC material is generally slower than that of rubber, PE, biological based materials, so its thermal insulation effect is naturally better; The thicker the bag body, the slower the heat dissipation rate, the better the insulation effect. The tightness depends on the occlusal degree and tightness of the lid and the threaded mouth.

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