Attention ~ chronic gastroenteritis does not recommend hot water bottle hot compress!
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Can the friend of chronic gastroenteritis use hot water bottle hot compress?

Answer: chronic gastritis patients should not or caution with hot water bag external application

Many patients with chronic gastritis often complain of stomach pain and distension, which can be relieved to varying degrees by external application of hot water bag. Some patients even feel that the epigastric chill occurs when they take a breath of cool air, stomach pain and distension aggravate, so some doctors and even some patients think that this is deficiency cold of the spleen and stomach. In fact, this view is not comprehensive, if they want to analyze the cause carefully, We have to start with the pathological mechanism of the disease.

According to years of clinical and scientific research experience, physicians believe that the pathological mechanism of epigastric chill is as follows:

① Rong blood deficiency, stomach displacement.

② Wet air blocking machine, stomach loss of warm.

The cold masks the clear sun.

Blood stasis stasis, stomach displacement.

⑤ Yang Yu is not up to, the stomach is not warm.

⑥ Spittoon turbid resistance, leaving the stomach.

At the same time, it is believed that the pathogenesis of stomach coolness or aggravation of stomach-epigastric symptoms in the case of chronic gastritis is mostly described above, while the confirmation of spleen and stomach deficiency cold is rare. Of course, the key to mastering accurate dialectics lies in "observing its pulse syndromes and knowing what is wrong".

In addition, according to the medical theory of the motherland, the stomach is a fu-organ with much qi and much blood, and its pathogenesis is mostly positive heat. Therefore, the use of hot water bags, or the blind use of some health medicine bags for spleen and stomach deficiency cold in the case of dialectical inaccuracy, is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire. At the same time, domestic and foreign studies have shown that the abdomen of 10 patients were first placed with ice packs followed by hot water bags. Endoscopic examination showed that the gastric mucosa of 8 patients turned white when the ice packs were put in, and the gastric mucosa was obviously congested when the hot water bottles were put in, which supported the above mentioned by the experimental method. Therefore, chronic gastritis patients should not or cautiously use hot water bag external application, including some health care medicine bags, should be selected under the guidance of doctors.

Physicians according to the physiological characteristics of the gastrointestinal, pathological characteristics, combined with years of clinical experience to develop, with disease prevention and treatment, conditioning Yin and Yang, dispelling evil, nourishing Yin and nourishing the stomach, clearing heat and dampness, and stomach reverse, regulating qi and activating blood, Tongluo and pain, nourishing the heart and kidney. It is suitable for chronic superficial gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. It has significant effect on stomachache, hypochondriac pain, distention, fullness, fullness, belching, loss of appetite and loose stool.

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