Pay attention to hot water bag low temperature scald!
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Did you know that using a hot water bottle incorrectly can cause "cold burns"? So what is a cold burn?

"Hypothermia scald" refers to local skin damage caused by prolonged contact with a liquid or solid at a lower temperature (as opposed to boiling water). This is a relatively popular statement, in fact, for the specific temperature of low temperature scald, the industry has no clear statement. In general, the temperature threshold for skin burns is 45 ° C. It has been proved that hot water at 44℃ only takes 6 hours to cause irreversible damage to skin basal cells, while hot water at 45℃ only takes 1 hour to cause skin burns. If the water temperature is 70℃ or above, it takes only one second to cause a burn through the epidermis. Therefore, the heat source of low-temperature scald should be about 45-50℃, because the water temperature is too high for human to tolerate for a long time, can not reach the conditions of scald. Different from our usual hot water scald or flame burn, low temperature scald has a strong concealment because the temperature of the injury is not high, and it will often be found long after the injury.

Low temperature scald symptoms: low temperature scald at the beginning is often just a blisters on the surface of the skin, generally about 2-4 cm in diameter, accompanied by not obvious pain, blisters accidentally broken after the base was crimson or white. Because the wound is not large, the pain is not obvious, patients often use external scald ointment or Chinese medicine. The wound will repeatedly scab and then repeatedly collapse, delay and not heal, eventually to 2-3 months or even half a year or so to heal, local healing with obvious scars. In patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and varicose veins of lower limbs, the wound healing time is longer and surgical intervention is often required.

The incidence of low temperature scald is mainly the elderly, incapacitated, with chronic diseases. The most common causes of illness are hot water bottles, electric cakes and other heating tools.

How to deal with low temperature scald?

Once the wound of low temperature scald is found, the patient should not treat it by himself. He should go to a hospital that specializes in burns, and the doctor will decide whether to change the dressing or recommend surgery based on the condition of the wound.

How can ability try to avoid low temperature scald?

It should be remembered that the temperature of personal heating items should not exceed 45℃. If the temperature is too high, towels and condoms should be used. For infants and elderly people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, they are especially cautious when heating in winter because they are unable to move autonomously or have reduced skin sensation and are not sensitive to pain.

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