Spring warming, hot water bottle preservation tips please put away!
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As the weather gets warmer, it's time to put away the hot water bottles at home, which need to be properly stored. Because the hot water bag produced by Xihua is made of imported PVC material, aging will occur if the storage method is improper.

Hot water bottle preservation tips please put it away.

The preservation method of water injection hot water bottle is basically similar.

1, the first step is to pour the water inside the clean, the water in the hot water bag to keep dry, to avoid the formation of water in the difficult to clean scale.

2. Blow a small amount of air into the hot water bag to avoid adhesion without hot water bag wall for a long time. Pay attention to the fact that the gas can not blow too much and there is no need to give the hot water bag too much pressure.

3, together with the coat of the hot water bag into a plastic bag, put in the place where the sun can not shine, direct sunlight will accelerate the aging of the hot water bag, storage as far as possible to keep the hot water bag flat, do not fold, otherwise easy to crack.

Preservation of electric hot water bag

We recommend that the electric hot water bag be used for one year. If it is a hot water bag with high-grade heating wire, it can be used for 2 years. Therefore, the method of preservation is as follows:

1. Take out the coat of the hot water bag and put it in the box. Keep it flat and do not fold.

2. Put it in a place where the sun is not direct. Do not press heavy objects above the hot water bag when it is stored.

3, the second year when the first use of charging must be placed on the floor and other flat places, can not be placed on the bed, table, less hair, after a year of storage, avoid hot water bag failure accidents.

The above is a small series of methods to organize the preservation of hot water bags, I hope to help you!

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