The hot water bottle will keep you warm for a long time. Dress it up
Release date: [2023/3/6]  Read total of [51] times

Cold hands and feet in the weather can not be separated from hot water bottle, hot water bag in the cold winter to play the role of cold, more and more people choose hot water bag is to consider the length of its warm time, what way to make hot water bottle insulation standby time a little longer?

Hot water bottle insulation time can not last a night, can probably last to 3~5 hours, if the time is a little longer, it is not too hot, insulation effect is not so good. If it is put in bed before going to bed at night, then the heat preservation time of hot water bag can last a little longer, reaching more than six hours. If you want to extend the heat preservation time of hot water bag, you can add a part of salt in the hot water, which can improve the concentration of water and make the hot water cool more slowly.

We can make a simple cloth bag by ourselves, and cover the inside of the cloth bag with plastic layer, let the hot water into it, and then seal its mouth, so that we can make a simple hot water bag. However, the safety of self-made hot water bottle is not guaranteed, and the heating time is not as good as that of commercial hot water bags. It is not recommended that you make your own hot water bags, or buy safe and reliable commercial hot water bags to ensure your own safety.

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