What method does hot water bottle scald come out
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In winter, we use hot water bottle - must pay attention to avoid being burned, there are many treatment methods of hot water bottle scald, if the situation is not serious with cold water, if the situation is more serious, you need to use scald or ginger juice, teeth to deal with the scald, scald blister, small blisters do not need to pick out, too large blisters should be picked out.

A, hot water bottle scald blister how to deal with

1. Flush with cold water

Hot water bag scald treatment method depends on the specific situation, if only the skin surface becomes red, then the scald situation is not serious, we need to do is immediately cold treatment, soak the wound in cold water, so as not to form blisters. Note that if the burn is very serious, instead of immediately with cold water.

2. Use scald cream

If it is a mild burn, you can use scald ointment. Human skin has basic self-healing abilities and can heal quickly after treatment with scald cream. Xiaobian was unfortunately burned by the steam of the electric iron, and then also use the burn cream, soon cured.

3. Smear with ginger juice

Many families do not store scald cream, so how to deal with the scald? Some plants also have scald effects, such as ginger juice used in home cooking, whose juice can reduce swelling and reduce scars. Good for scalding.

4. Apply toothpaste

Toothpaste can also be used to reduce swelling if you don't have either burn cream or ginger at home. Take a small amount of toothpaste on the wound, can relieve the pain, this is of course only an emergency treatment situation, if the scalded area is relatively large, or the pain is obvious, in addition to the immediate medical attention.

5. Small blisters do not need to be broken

Scald blister how to do? If the blister is not very large, then it is not necessary to pick out, pick out the risk of infection. Cold compress and stick to the ointment, it will be better in a few days. If scars are left, they can be repaired with aloe vera cream or ginger juice.

6. Excessive blisters should be broken

If the blister is too large, use a needle (the needle must be sterilized) to break it. Use a needle to pick out the liquid in the blisters with tissue, and then disinfection, disinfection after applying ointment, observation for a few days, if the wound is infected, to see a doctor immediately

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