Use hot water bottle to relieve three old problems!
Release date: [2023/3/21]  Read total of [168] times

PVC hot water bottle filled with hot water, with a thin towel or cloth wrapped on the back. Can make the respiratory tract, trachea, lung and other parts of the blood vessel dilation, blood circulation acceleration. This is mainly because the back of the bladder by the main body table, evil invasion, aversion to cold, fever, nasal congestion; And the main body of Yang, once invaded Yang qi deficiency decline, resistance becomes low; The lung acupoint on the back has the function of treating lung qi. Therefore, the commonly used hot water bag on the back can not only make the bladder meridian and the normal operation of the Du pulse, but also make the lung acupoints actively stand guard, which is good for cough, cold treatment and improve resistance.

Hypnosis by applying neck

There are sleeping points in the neck, treating insomnia vertigo. If you put a hot water bag on the back of your neck before going to bed, you will feel mild and comfortable. Your hands will get warm first, and your feet will feel warm gradually, which can play a hypnotic role. In addition, the neck with hot water bag can also play a role in the Dazhui point, so the treatment of cervical spondylosis also has a good effect.

Relieve pain

After 24 hours of injury, swelling began to improve gradually, with hot water bag hot compress local pain, about 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, can effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of congestion and exudate, play the role of warming the meridian to disperse cold and promote blood circulation, and reduce local swelling and pain.

In addition, there are 6 meridians of the spleen, liver, kidney, stomach, gallbladder and bladder on the foot, and more than 60 points. Hot compress feet can also play a role in dredging meridians, activating acupoints and finally achieve the effect of warming the body.

The water temperature in the hot water bag should not be too high, generally to 60℃ - 70℃ is appropriate. Be sure to check the tightness of the plug before use. It is best to wrap it with a towel before use.

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