Yuefeng abundance teaches you hot water bottle choice
Release date: [2023/5/16]  Read total of [212] times

Hot water bottle is simply to pour hot water into a bag with insulation effect. It can keep a certain temperature for a long time. It can be used to bake hands and warm feet. The role of the hot water bag, of course, is to keep warm. Many girls have cold hands and feet in winter, so they always hold the hot water bag, put it on their legs when they work, and put it in their bed when they sleep. It is warm and comfortable.

As the style of hot water bottle becomes more and more rich, simple PVC material hot water bag does not meet people's aesthetic taste, so in addition to PVC and design a soft cover. Some use flannelette, some use plush, these are soft and comfortable fabrics, with a good feel, let people hold hands after will not be willing to let go.

There are many kinds of hot water bottleson the market, and how do we choose them?

1. The sealing performance of hot water bag is very important. If the seal is not good, the internal water will leak out, which will not only damage the hot water bag, but also burn the user, causing serious consequences. So check carefully to see if it's sealed properly when you buy it. Especially for hot water bags heated by the power supply, the safety of water and electricity is very critical.

2. If you choose a hot water bottle heated by the power supply, pay attention to what heating method it is used. Pay attention to the electrode type hot water bag must not buy, this kind of hot water bag safety risks are very big, in addition to a lot of safety accidents, now the state has banned the production, but there are still illegal commercial laws in the sale. The electric wire hot water bag is much safer because it has a plastic coil inside that you can touch with your hand.

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