What does water injection hot water bottle need to notice
Release date: [2023/5/22]  Read total of [235] times

Water injection hot water bottle should not be directly injected with boiling water, generally around 80 ~ 90℃, should not contact with acid, alkali, grease and other substances. Stop using the hot water bag abnormally. Before use, attention should be paid to whether the hot water bag is aging, whether the old hot water bag will emit rubber taste, and the change of the thickness of the bag body. Once the above changes occur, the hot water bag should be abandoned to prevent over-age service.

Do not fill the hot water bottle too full, three quarters can be filled, then drain the air in the bag, tighten the plug.

When used, it is best to cover the body of the hot water bag with cloth cover, which can play the corresponding protective role, and it is not suitable to puncture the hot water bag under heavy pressure and sharp instruments. For the price is too low hot water bag products should be vigilant, do not cohabit cheap, prevent the purchase of inferior products, at the same time should keep the consumption voucher (preferably can keep the invoice).

After using the hot water bag, pour out the water, and then blow some air to prevent the inner wall from sticking. After sticking, the next water injection may cause the water injection not to leak. After pouring the water, hang up upside down and drain the water in the bag.

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