Tip - This type of person is advised not to use the hot water bottle
Release date: [2023/5/22]  Read total of [218] times

Hot water bottles are not for everyone. People with diabetes, peripheral sensory dullness, and infants should avoid hot water bottles.

Because the blood circulation in the extremities of diabetic patients is weak and accompanied by peripheral neuropathy, the temperature regulation effect and sensitivity are weakened, so the use of hot water bottle is prone to burns or scalds.

At the same time, remind elderly friends with diabetes, if you need to use hot water bottle to warm, it is best to use a thick cotton wrap, do not contact directly, in addition, when soaking feet, the water temperature had better be controlled at about 40°C, the temperature is not too high.

Warm tips, usually we need to pay attention to the use of hot water bottle, and should pay attention to some matters, to avoid being affected by warm, usually we should pay attention to control the water temperature, usually need to pay attention to the inspection of hot water bag, to avoid water leakage, resulting in burns, so prone to some accidents, I hope you to understand the use of some hot water bag as soon as possible.

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