Electric hot water bottle charging is not hot solution
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Electric hot water bag charging is not hot solution

1, one is that the manufacturer has been filled with conductive liquid, to buy can be used directly.

Another is bought without water, but has put in a powder (iron powder or ferrite), you want to fill the water, the effect is the same. Therefore, the liquid in the bag can not be randomly replaced with tap water, otherwise it will not heat.

2, you must put the gas inside the discharge, remember to use the barrel of pure water, otherwise the water is too hard, it will make the electric hot water bag uneven heat and even explosion.

3, water can be changed with pure water, water injection needs a success, because it contains heating powder, poured into the water will lead to unable to heat! Can not change water type electric hot water bag can not change water. Don't use it if it leaks.

Electric hot water bag purchase skills

1. Look at the logo

You can see the logo of the electric hot water bag, whether there is a certificate, trademark, certification mark, product name, production address, do not buy three no products, to avoid damage to rights and interests, and three no products, the quality is not reliable.

2. Compare more

In the purchase of electric hot water bag, you can compare, shop around, do not choose too low price electric hot water bag. In addition, when buying, be sure to keep good shopping vouchers, in order to protect their own interests.

3. Touch the material

You can touch the material of the electric hot water bag. If the inside of the electric hot water bag is a hard small stick, it is an electrode type, if it feels like a mesh object, it is an electric heating wire type, if it feels like a U-shaped pipe, it is an electric heat pipe type.

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