Set a new 10,000-ton carbon fiber construction record in China
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The 2023 Global Trade and Investment Promotion Summit was held in Beijing on May 24. Many foreign political leaders, heads of important international organizations and economic institutions, heads of trade promotion institutions, and many well-known figures from the political, business, academic and research sectors around the world as well as heads of Fortune 500 companies met to discuss cooperation and explore the future. This demonstrates the universal desire of the international community to strengthen international cooperation in trade and investment and the keen expectation of China to play a more important role in promoting international cooperation.

At present, global trade and investment face many serious challenges. Certain Western countries engage in economic bullying, willfully oppress other countries' industries, place unwarranted restrictions on normal economic and trade cooperation, and force other countries to take sides, thus severely undermining the foundation of international cooperation. At the same time, factors such as geopolitical conflicts, high inflation, and obstructions in industrial and supply chains are intertwined. Global economic recovery lacks momentum and prospects are uncertain, and the international community is increasingly worried.

We should further build consensus on cooperation and jointly promote opening-up and cooperation. Openness and inclusiveness are the trend of The Times, while seclusion and conservatism are reversing the course of history. Openness and cooperation is what we need to promote the steady recovery of the world economy and the continuous progress of human society. The international community should firmly reject unilateralism and the Cold War mentality, uphold openness rather than isolation and cooperation rather than confrontation, create opportunities through opening-up, solve difficulties through cooperation, and achieve common development.

We need to further define the direction of cooperation and tap deeper cooperation potential. The summit will focus on the topics of "Innovation-led, digitally enabled Growth" and "Green, low-carbon, sustainable development", which shows that innovation and green cooperation are widely recognized by the international community.

Innovation is the primary driving force for development. Only with the courage of innovation and reform can we break the bottleneck of world economic growth and development. Around the world, a new technological revolution and industrial transformation are in full swing. New technologies, new breakthroughs and new applications and experiences are transforming every aspect of life. Stronger international cooperation on innovation can promote innovative development, enable countries to share the fruits of innovation, and inject stronger impetus to world economic growth. Climate change has long gone beyond the scope of environmental issues, affecting economic, social, security and other fields. A more sustainable global economic recovery requires a greener development model. It should be noted that in many countries, especially developing countries, to promote green development, there is an urgent need to fill the gap in financing and technology. The international community should strengthen green cooperation, expand green investment and, in particular, increase support for green economy in developing countries.

As a responsible major country, China has always stood firmly on the right side of history, promoted open international trade and cooperation, opposed trade protectionism and economic bullying, and worked to build an open world economy through greater opening-up. At the same time, China is a major innovator in science and technology with global influence. More and more countries and enterprises enjoy the dividends of innovation development through innovation cooperation with China. As the largest producer of renewable energy, China has been committed to green development and promoting green growth of the world economy through Belt and Road cooperation.

Looking ahead, China is willing and able to play a bigger role in promoting international trade and investment cooperation, make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all, and make greater contribution to the common prosperity and development of the world economy.

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