2023 International Advanced Functional Fiber Fashion Sustainable Summit Forum on material innovation and development
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As a key area of international competition, the development of fiber materials, especially advanced functional fibers, determines the stability and security of the industrial chain and supply chain, determines the creation of industrial value and future space, and occupies a core position and has key value in the modernization of the textile industry system.

On May 30, Shengze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, ushered in a fiber innovation "brainstorming" with the theme of "Everything can be woven across the warp and weft". Dual carbon goal vision, fiber value remodeling, brand innovation closed loop, fashion without borders, sustainable consumption... The atmosphere of the 2023 International Advanced Functional Fiber Fashion Sustainable Summit Forum is high, and hot words are frequent. On the occasion of the 5th China Suzhou Jiangnan Culture and Art · International Tourism Festival "Silk Rhyme Jiangnan" and 2023 Shengze Fashion Week, it provides a high-end stage for the intelligent collision of advanced functional fiber development. It has brought a new direction for industrial fashion upgrading and integrated development.

Sun Ruizhe, President of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation and President of the China Textile Industry Federation; Cao Xuejun, First Inspector of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Zhu Meifang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Donghua University; Tao Xiaoming, Academician of the International Textile Association and Dean of the Institute of Intelligent Wearable Systems of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Yan Yan, Director of the Social Responsibility Office of China Textile Industry Federation, Hu Song, Deputy director of China Textile Information Center, Li Binhong, director of the National Textile Product Development Center, Wang Shuiyuan, Secretary General of the Circulation Branch of China Textile Industry Federation, Chen Baojian, chief engineer of the National Textile Product Development Center and other leaders and guests from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Textile Association, scientific research institutions, Mr. Shen Chunrong, Standing Committee Member of Wujiang District Party Committee, Secretary of Wujiang High-tech Zone Party Working Committee, Secretary of Shengze Town Party Committee, Secretary of China Eastern Silk Market Party Working Committee, Mr. Ji Wei, Deputy Director of Wujiang People's Government, Mr. Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Director of Wujiang High-tech Zone Management Committee and Director of China Eastern Silk Market Management Committee, Mr. Wu Haifeng, Deputy Director of Wujiang District Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Mr. Chen Hongmei, Deputy director of Wujiang District Science and Technology Bureau, Mei Feng, chairman of Jiangsu New Vision Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center Co., Ltd. and other leaders and guests from Wujiang District attended the summit forum.

Advanced fibers create a new future of industry

President Sun Ruizhe addressed the meeting. He said that the new wave of industrial revolution is rising, and fiber innovation must also follow the trend and grasp the general trend. The industry should expand the space in integration, innovate the paradigm in intelligence, and shape the value in green. For the development of advanced functional fibers, he put forward three expectations: first, balance safety and development, ensure the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and accelerate the research and breakthrough of key raw materials, technologies and equipment of new fiber materials; Second, take into account the current and long-term, promote forward-looking and leading development, and strengthen interdisciplinary and cross-field basic research and original innovation; Third, improve quality and efficiency, promote supply-side and demand-side upgrades, accelerate collaboration between production, universities, research and application, and integrate innovation among large, small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to form a virtuous cycle of talent support, innovation-driven, market-driven and capital-driven.

"After long-term development, China's fiber materials have made great progress in terms of industrial scale, product quality, variety structure, functionality and green digitalization of fiber production." Director General Cao Xuejun pointed out in his speech that advanced functional fibers have greatly enhanced the supply of high-quality textiles, the development of high-performance fibers has expanded the market for textile applications, and the application of bio-based renewable and degradable fibers has enhanced the right to speak in the green development of textiles. In order to realize the transformation from following and running to leading, the industry should enhance the urgency of innovation and consolidate and enhance the dominant position of the textile industry chain; To expand the new space of textile development facing the frontier of science and technology; It is necessary to strengthen the research of standard certification rules and enhance the supply of low-carbon green products.

Ji Wei said in his speech that silk textile is the most representative traditional advantage industry in Wujiang, which has formed a 100-billion-level market and hundred-billion-level enterprises, and is also an important industry to enrich the people, playing an important role in the economic plate of the whole region. Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the traditional silk textile industry, in recent years, Wujiang has taken building the world's first-class high-end textile industry ecosystem as the main line, strengthened innovation-driven, digital empowerment, and green transformation, and promoted the high-end, integrated and sustainable development of the silk textile industry. From a silkworm silk to a fiber silk, from fabrics to new materials, Wujiang will continue to promote the high-quality development of the industry, lead in innovation, and seek change in exploration.

Look forward to the sustainable development trend of high-end industry

In the theme conference, Academician Zhu Meifang, Academician Tao Xiaoming and Director Yan Yan gave keynote speeches on the future trend and innovative practice of the global textile industry. Director Li Binhong chaired the forum.

In her speech "The Development Trend of Global Advanced Functional Fiber Industry", Academician Zhu Meifang introduced three major research directions of the National Key Laboratory of fiber material modification, one is high-performance fiber and composite materials, the other is functional fiber and low-dimensional materials, and the third is environmentally friendly and biological fiber materials. Among them, the relationship between environmental humidity, crystallinity, concentration gradient and luminous color and luminous intensity of functional fiber is studied, which brings the possibility of visualization of machining process. Structural fibers need to focus on performance improvement and industrialization, taking aromatic heterocyclic polymer PIPD material as an example, how to achieve both performance and reduce costs, the industry needs to work together.

In the speech "Exploration of Green Health Fashion Fiber Wiki wearable System", Academician Tao Xiaoming analyzed the key indicators and performance advantages of green antibacterial and antiviral materials and the working principle and application direction of micro-electronic textile integration technology and digital intelligent production technology of medical pressure clothing based on years of research results and experience on wearable systems. She said that the complementary advantages of the two textile microelectronics industries will help achieve the goals of high performance, high reliability, low cost and mass production. She also introduced the innovative solutions of the digital intelligent production system in solving the problems of the existing medical socks, such as the doubtful therapeutic effect, poor shape and size matching, and poor patient compliance.

Director Yan Yan said in the "Global Trend of Sustainable Development and Progress and Practice of carbon emission Reduction" sharing that textile enterprises are the vanguard of the global response to climate change and the realization of carbon neutrality goals. Foreign textile enterprises have set climate action goals, and domestic pioneers have also carried out many explorations and practices such as the 3060 Fashion Climate Innovation carbon neutral acceleration plan, dual-carbon planning, and low-carbon product development. In recent years, the China Textile Association Responsibility Office has led and released a number of investigations and action plans involving LCA full life cycle assessment and waste textile recycling, aiming to promote enterprises to seize new opportunities of dual-carbon strategy with strategic transformation, cultivate new advantages of low-carbon competition with innovation, and build a new green industry ecology with win-win cooperation.

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