Can baby cough hot water bottle warm compress back?
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When the baby coughs, you can use a hot water bottle to compress the back to relieve the cough symptoms. Your baby's cough may be caused by an upper respiratory tract infection or a cold or mycoplasma infection. Give the baby more water, do not eat irritating food, do not eat sweets, do not eat junk food, adults do not smoke in the house, you can go to the hospital to do a blood routine, chest X-ray examination, mycoplasma examination, to see the specific cause of the baby's cough, symptomatic treatment.

When the baby coughs phlegm, it can be preferred to relieve cough and phlegm drug treatment. The cough and phlegm relieving drugs commonly used in children include ambroxol oral liquid, Yitanjing oral liquid, Xiaoer Niu Huang Qingfei powder, loquat Dew, chicken gall oral liquid and so on.

At the same time, pay attention to give the baby more water to ensure sufficient liquid amount, so that the sputum dilution is easy to discharge. For small infants, the back buckle can be given at the same time. The correct way to buckle the back is to hold the child upright, the palm is hollow, from the bottom to the top, vibration pat the back to promote sputum discharge. If the sputum is in the pharynx, the baby has a purring sound and sputum in the throat, you can choose to use a cotton swab or tongue depressor to put light pressure on the pharynx in the back 1/3 of the tongue, so that the child has nausea, which will make the sputum in the pharynx vomit out.

Secondly, sputum can be diluted by inhaling cough and expectorant drugs, which is also conducive to the discharge of sputum. Commonly used cough and expectorant aerosol drugs include ipratropium bromide, fuloxide and ambroxol. The correct approach is to drink water and pat the back properly after atomization.

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