What should you pay attention to when using electric hot water bags in winter?
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The harm of electric hot water bag is still more, we should pay attention to what when using electric hot water bag.

1. Power on the socket if there is no water

Before turning on the power, check whether there are water beads on the electric hot water bag socket, and ensure that the socket is dry for safety reasons. Then first plug in the hot water bag plug, and then plug in the power plug for power. After the power is over, you should first unplug the power plug, and then remove the plug of the electric hot water bag.

2. Do not leave while charging

During the electrification process, you can not hold the electric hot water bag in your arms, and it is strictly prohibited to beat and sit down, so as not to cause liquid leakage. In the power state, it is best not to leave the scene, pay attention to observe the light, the light is turned off before the end of the power heat storage. Generally charge 5-10 minutes.

3. Cannot be used while charging

Hot water bag is strictly prohibited to use while charging, just charged hot water bag, do not directly close to the skin, to prevent excessive temperature caused by scalding.

4. You can't sleep with them

Pay attention to the water temperature of the hot water bag should not be too hot, the time should not be too long, the hot water bag should be placed at 10 cm next to the foot, and not on the foot; It is best to put it in the quilt before going to bed and take it out when sleeping.

5. Exhaust the hot water bag

When using the charging hot water bag, the plastic hole cover on the bag should be opened regularly to exhaust the air.

6. Do not exceed two years of service life

The life of the electric hot water bag is generally about one or two years, even if the quality of the electric hot water bag, the internal line and structure are constantly aging in the process of use, there are hidden dangers of failure and short circuit, if more than this time it is best to replace.

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