Winter, hot water bag careful low temperature burns
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Winter, hot water bag careful low temperature burns, what is low temperature burns?

The hot water bag is at most 40-50°C, but long-term contact is like "slow cooking meat", causing low temperature burns, especially for infants, the elderly, paralyzed patients or drunk people who are insensitive groups.

Low temperature scald in hot water bag often occurs in human lower limbs. "The lower limbs feel relatively dull, low temperature on the skin pain stimulation is less, may be unknowingly scalded." In addition, there are diabetic peripheral neuropathy, peripheral nerve damage, sensory function decline or loss caused by cerebral infarction, lower limb sensory decline caused by back disease, taking sedative sleeping drugs, drunkenness, extreme fatigue, anesthesia after surgery is not completely metabolized, etc., it is also easy to cause low temperature burns when using these hot water bags for heating.

This relatively low temperature on the skin pain stimulation is light, easy to be ignored, if prolonged contact, may bake the skin or even subcutaneous tissue. The surface burned by low temperature may look red, swollen, blistering, peeling or white, but the depth of the wound is very deep, manifested as full-layer skin necrosis, which can reach third or even fourth degree wounds. "If not handled properly, in severe cases it can fester and not heal for a long time."

In the event of a cold burn, you can use a cool towel or cool water to wash the burn for 15 to 20 minutes, which can reduce the pain and redness, which can reduce the chance of blisters and scabs. Note: "Do not use soy sauce, toothpaste or other seasonings, earthwork and other smears on the affected area, easy to cause burn infection, do not immediately break the blister." If the wound is deep, the wound should be protected from contamination, seek medical attention in time, and the doctor will judge the grade of the burn and treat it."

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