Winter electric hot water bag purchase is what need to pay attention to
Release date: [2023/11/27]  Read total of [89] times

When the weather is relatively cold, everyone's favorite is some portable electric hot water bags, these electric hot water bags are relatively small and very warm, many people are particularly like. Whether it is placed in the pocket of the clothes or in the hand, it is very warm, more affordable to use, and the price is not too expensive, more than ten dollars to dozens of dollars, and the quality is uneven.

Of course, some people in the purchase of hot water bags, may be cheap, but if it is just cheap, choose some wrong purchase methods, or buy some inferior electric hot water bags, the water will become a time bomb. It brings great harm to the human body, especially when children are used, there will be serious damage.

The first point is to reject the electrode type hot water bag, when you buy hot water bag offline, be sure to look at the outside packaging and product batch number is what, as well as the steps used above, instructions, certificates and so on must have a series of qualified information. You must remember that whether you are looking for hot water bottles on the Internet or in real life, you must check the standard number when buying.

The second point is to look at the duckbill, although the size of the electric hot water bag is relatively small, the price is very cheap, but if it is not good to buy it will cause harm to the body, especially protective measures, can prevent the excessive expansion of the hot water bag explosion. First divided into internal and external two, if it is the internal pressure protection measures, when buying must see whether the product has this device, if you choose the external electric hot water bag, this device is generally called explosion-proof connector.

Friends who buy electric hot water bags know that the electric bag is filled with water, but in the market there is such a way to save transportation costs, they fill the electric bag with water. After buying back, consumers themselves to add water, many things are not able to grasp the limit, will lose the protective effect, but the risk factor is relatively high. Therefore, it is recommended that when buying electric hot water bags, we must pay attention to the hot water bags used in this water injection method, which is not recommended to buy, learned it.

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