Yuefeng U-shaped cervical hot water bottle is designed for shoulder and neck
Release date: [2024/1/22]  Read total of [58] times

Yufeng produced U-shaped cervical hot water bottle, the design is convenient and simple, the neck is uncomfortable, the U-shaped design is better to fit the shoulder and neck, comfortably relieve the neck and shoulder pain, the neck is uncomfortable you, it is worth having ~ help relieve the shoulder and neck of office workers.

Cervical spondylosis can be applied with a hot water bag.

When suffering from cervical spondylosis, you can apply hot compress through hot water bag to promote blood circulation, relieve edema, pain, swelling, etc., and need to do a good job of local cold and warm.

A patient with cervical spondylosis during an acute attack. If the local inflammation is more serious, the neck pain is obvious, can be appropriate for cold compress, which can reduce the local seepage and inflammatory reaction, three days later can be changed to a hot compress, such as hot water bag to warm compress, which can promote the absorption of inflammation, so as to help alleviate symptoms.

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