After the Spring Festival raw materials rise and fall trend analysis
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Soldiers and horses have not moved, grain and grass first, for weaving enterprises, preparing raw materials is also a thing that must be done, after this year's raw material market may show what trend?

Spring Festival oil surge

During the Spring Festival, although the domestic market has basically been on holiday, foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, are not on holiday, especially crude oil prices are still fluctuating.

In the Spring Festival holiday days, international crude oil prices have generally risen, Brent crude oil futures rose by $4.02 in 9 days, an increase of 5.42%, New York crude oil futures rose by $3.98, an increase of 5%.

Driven by crude oil, the PX outer plate price as a PTA raw material also rose from $1020 to $1038, an increase of 1.8%. Perhaps the price transmission of crude oil to polyester takes time, and the price impact of PX on PTA and polyester filament is often very direct.

Supply is tight, short-term or rise

The price of polyester is related to the price of crude oil, but the more important factor is supply and demand. Business can only be done if you buy and sell.

As we all know, in January because of the Red Sea crisis, a large number of foreign companies placed orders in advance, many textile companies received orders, led to a wave of long-lost years of stocking tide, polyester factory was originally in January to reduce the operating rate, eventually led to polyester factory low inventory, many hot polyester varieties were even sold out of stock.

Although this year's Spring Festival holiday is longer than in the past, on the whole, the overall inventory of polyester factories is still not as good as in previous years.

On the demand side, although many textile enterprises have been fully stocked, but the inertia of the past few years, there are still many textile enterprises to maintain the attitude of buy on demand, in recent years, there is a lot of new weaving capacity, so the demand for raw materials will not be greatly reduced because of the pre-stock.

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