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Hot water bottle can not only be used for heating, it is also the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine great toner oh! Hot water bottles are said to help improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and even boost your immune system.

Can female comrades compress hot water bottle during menstrual period?

The benefits of using a hot water bottle during your period are as follows:

1, pain relief: Many women experience abdominal pain and discomfort during their period. Using a hot water bottle can reduce these symptoms, especially for women with menstrual cramps. The warmth of a hot water bottle can soothe muscles and nerves and relieve pain.

2, promote blood circulation: The use of hot water bags can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, which is helpful for relieving menstrual discomfort.

3, relieve fatigue: women who are menstruating are prone to fatigue and discomfort. Using a hot water bottle can improve blood circulation and improve physical fatigue.

4, reduce spasms: women who are menstruating are prone to lower limb spasms. Use a hot water bottle to soothe muscles and reduce cramps.

5, warm: menstrual women are relatively weak, easy to feel cold. Use a hot water bottle to keep warm and avoid catching a cold.

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