Is PVC hot water bottle suitable for filling 100℃ water?
Release date: [2024/2/27]  Read total of [51] times

 PVC hot water bottle is a common item, mainly used to keep warm, hot water bag is divided into charging type and water injection type, if it is the use of water injection hot water bag, you can fill hot water in the hot water bag when the weather is colder, if you want to fill boiling water, it is also possible, the temperature of boiling water is relatively high, the daily need to pay special attention to avoid burns.

Is  PVC hot water bottle suitable for filling 100℃ water?

Yes, but be careful not to burn yourself. Xiaobian suggests that you still inject warm water at about 80 ° C, which can prevent premature aging of  PVC hot water bottle.

Tips: If you want to fill hot water in a PVC hot water bag, it is best to wear thicker, wear rubber gloves on your hands, and then fill, so that you can prevent serious burns.

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