How to use PVC hot water bag correctly?
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The water temperature of PVC hot water bottle is more suitable at 50-60 degrees Celsius. A hot water bottle is often used. Generally, it is very convenient and easy to do dry hot compress in the family.

Use PVC hot water bottle correctly

1, the use of hot water bag to fill the water can not be too full, not more than two-thirds of its rated capacity, at the same time, after filling the water to discharge the air in the bag and check the sealing of the plug.

2, before use, should pay attention to whether the hot water bag used has aging phenomenon and changes in the thickness of the bag body, once the above changes, should be abandoned to prevent over-age service.

3, when using, it is best to cover the PVC hot water bottle body with cloth cover, which can play the corresponding protective role, and it is not appropriate to prick the hot water bag under heavy pressure and sharp instruments.

4, for the price is too low hot water bag products should be vigilant, do not seek cheap, prevent the purchase of inferior products, and should retain the proof of consumption (it is best to retain the invoice).

5, storage hot water bag should be filled in the bag, flat and stored in a cool dry place.

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