Service life of PVC hot water bottle
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How long can PVC hot water bottle last?

PVC hot water bottle is a consumable, and it will age after a long time, so there is no specific service life of PVC hot water bottle. What Xiaobian wants to say is that PVC hot water bag has no clear shelf life.

Although PVC hot water bottlesdo not have a clear shelf life. But the PVC hot water bag can not be used forever. Before using the hot water bag, pay attention to whether there is aging phenomenon and whether the thickness of the bag body changes, and whether the glue is off the line. At the same time, you can not charge while heating, nor can you charge without unplugging, which will only increase the probability of accidents in the electric hot water bag. Once these phenomena occur, they should be deprecated.

The traditional hot water bag is just an empty rubber bag, usually square, with a hot water inlet at one end, sealed by a plug, mostly a spiral plug. The way it is used is to fill hot water to play the role of heating. With the development of science and technology, a new type of hot water bag has appeared on the market: electric hot water bag and electric cake. Water storage type electric hot water bag, by loading liquid, there is a heater inside, plug in the power to heat the liquid in the bag, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. The electric cake is filled with thermal insulation cotton, which can be heated by plugging in the power supply to achieve the effect of heating.

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