Winter heating by what - month full hot water bottle
Release date: [2024/4/8]  Read total of [66] times

Family, how do we keep warm in winter? Of course, hot water bag, hot water bag choose who? Xiaobian recommend Changzhou month Feng. Today, we recommend Yuefeng classic Maca PVC hot water bottle.

Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle first appearance level high. The material is made of imported environmentally friendly PVC raw materials. Yuefeng actively introduces advanced production technology at home and abroad, and each product is tested by air pressure to ensure product quality.

Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle with durable insulation, explosion-proof pressure, dripping, double-sided temperature sense, novel shape, gorgeous color, uniform heat dissipation, provide comfortable temperature, high temperature resistance, hot and cold compress can be used, cold and hot, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, strong wear resistance, no odor and so on.

Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle is thick enough to store more heat. Slow heat dissipation strength to keep warm, winter heating, summer icing without gasket design, to avoid gasket aging, increase the spout design, water smooth and safer.

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