Can rich bag be relieved with hot water bottle?
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What is a rich bag?

The rich bag is commonly seen in people who work for a long time and manual workers, and the rich bag appears because the low head for a long time causes the cervical spine to be excessively protruding and the thoracic spine to be excessively protruding. Long-term bowing causes tension and stiffness in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, resulting in fat accumulation due to local circulatory and metabolic disorders. Meanwhile, long-term bowing causes increased pressure on the cervical spine, resulting in excessive protrusion in the lower segment of the cervical spine caused by backward joint slip, and strong posterior protrusion in the upper segment of the thoracic vertebra accompanied by hunchback during bowing, resulting in a protrusion of the skin at the back of the neck.

Can you use a hot water bottle to relieve the rich bag?

Mild rich bag can be eliminated by hot compress of hot water bottle to improve the local blood circulation, the use of hot compress of hot water bag can improve the blood circulation of neck and shoulder, help the decomposition and metabolism of accumulated fat, so that the protruding bag at the back of the neck can be eliminated. The larger rich package through the hot compress can also play a role in easing, can effectively reduce the volume of rich package, but to completely eliminate in addition to changing the bad habits of bowing the hunchback, but also pay attention to exercise the neck, shoulder, back muscles, do not bow for a long time or maintain a posture motionless, to do more neck extension action.

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