Pay attention to 4 safety details when using hot water bottle
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Pay attention to 4 safety details when using hot water bottle

1. Check whether the rubber is aging and leaking before use;

2, fill about 70% of the water, after filling the water to drive up the air in the bag, tighten the lid;

3, it is best not to put the hot water bag in the bed all night, put the bed warm before going to bed, take out when sleeping;

4. If continuous heat preservation is used, the outer layer of the hot water bag should be wrapped with a towel to avoid low temperature burns.

Be wary of low temperature scald

Many people will feel do not understand, low temperature, how can burn? Low-temperature scald refers to prolonged contact with medium-temperature heat sources, resulting in skin damage. Hot water bag caused by scalding temperature of 40℃~65℃, people often feel very comfortable in such a temperature, for a long time, heat quietly from the surface to the deep tissue conduction caused damage. When the pain is felt too late, the deep dermis and deep subcutaneous tissues have been damaged. Studies have shown that the lowest temperature for human skin burns is 44 ° C. Redness, swelling, peeling or blistering of the skin after prolonged use of heating equipment means that a low-temperature burn has occurred.

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