Warm tips | Can a girl during her period use a hot water bottle to compress her stomach?
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Menstrual girls can use hot water bottle hot compress stomach?

Hot compresses can be applied after menstruation

It is better to warm the stomach with hot water bags during menstruation, because women are prone to abdominal cold during menstruation, especially for women with cold palace, using hot water bags to compress the stomach during menstruation can promote timely discharge of menstrual blood and relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms, so it is better to use hot water bags to compress the stomach during menstruation.

Warm reminder:

Women should pay attention to keep warm during menstruation, and can not eat spicy, stimulating, raw and cold food and cold fruits. It is recommended to pay attention to rest during menstruation, do not be tired, ensure adequate sleep, keep a good mood, avoid nervousness, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and warm and easy to digest food, pay attention to personal hygiene, change underwear frequently, keep local clean and dry, wear loose cotton breathable clothing.

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