Summer is here, hot water bottle really laid off?
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Summer arrived, PVC hot water bottle really laid off? What is the use of hot water bottle?

Discomfort caused by air conditioning: When the air conditioning is cold in the staff office; The elderly blow air conditioning at home, causing joint pain, shoulder, back and abdominal discomfort, can be appropriate with hot water bags to drive away the cold.

Middle-aged and elderly people have waist and leg pain: you can directly put the PVC hot water bottle on the painful part; You can also put the hot water bag on the bed for about an hour before going to sleep, lying flat on the waist, as an auxiliary measure, long-term adherence to the treatment of low back pain effective.

After eating cold food stomach pain, use a hot water bag to apply, can relieve the pain.

Women improve the body cold physique: there are women menses when the stomach and waist are sore, warm with PVC hot water bottle to reduce symptoms. Hot compress has certain benefits for uterine cold and pelvic adnexa problems. Girls physique are relatively cold, cold body and cold hands and feet caused by dysmenorrhea is a common reason for women.

In order to improve the body cold physique is mainly suitable for exercise, increase resistance and immunity, while paying attention to diet, do not eat too much cold food.

Summer PVC hot water bottle can also be applied to the knee qi activating blood, improve local blood circulation, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of local inflammatory factors, can play a certain clinical effect, but it is recommended to use a warm channel, Qi activating blood, cold and pain relief Chinese medicine for external application, the effect will be doubled.

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