The elderly need to pay attention to keeping warm with hot water bags in winter!
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In winter, for many elderly people, due to their weak physique, cold hands and feet often occur, which makes winter very difficult for many elderly people, so the convenient and warm electric hot water bottle is favored by many people. What should the elderly pay attention to when using an electric hot water bottle, and what are the hidden dangers, let the editor tell you.

First of all, when purchasing, we must distinguish the heating method

The common electric hot water bottle has three heating methods, that is, the heating wire method, the electric heating tube type and the electrode type. The most dangerous of these three heating methods is the electrode type. It is heated in contact with the liquid, so if there is a problem of liquid leakage, it is easy for the user to get an electric shock, and some inferior hot water bags do not have a temperature control device, and it is easy to explode when heated continuously. Although the sale of electrode-type electric hot water bottles has long been banned, there are still some unscrupulous merchants selling them in the dark. Therefore, everyone should be cautious when buying. You can press the inside of the hot water bottle. If there are two hard cylinders, it may be the electrode type, while the electric heating wire type will touch the coil, and the electric heating tube type will touch the U-shaped tube. In contrast, the latter will be relatively safe.

Secondly, pay attention to whether the hot water bottle is in good condition before heating

Before use, pay attention to whether the hot water bottle is in good condition and whether there is a leakage problem. Once the liquid leaks, the temperature control device in the hot water bottle can easily fail to work properly, which may cause the danger of explosion and burns.

Note, do not use a hot water bottle while charging

When heating the hot water bottle, be sure to place it on a level table for heating, and do not use it while heating. For example, the 80-year-old mother-in-law Jiang put the charging hot water bottle on her lap without saying anything, and covered the hot water bottle with a quilt. The hot water bottle suddenly exploded, and her mother-in-law was unfortunately scalded. In addition to being easy to explode, if there is a leakage problem inside, it is easy to burn yourself. What's more, if some hot water bottles are not placed flat when heated, the inner wall of the hot water bottle is also prone to damage, which will bring a great threat to their own safety.

Finally, the hot water bottle is vigilant against low temperature burns

Many people will feel incomprehensible, low temperature, how can you still get burned? Low temperature scald refers to the scald caused by the body's prolonged contact with low-temperature objects higher than 45 degrees Celsius. If it is not treated in time, it may cause greater risks. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions carefully before use, and do not let the hot water bottle directly touch the skin when using it. It is best to wear it through clothes. When falling asleep at night, it is best to take out the hot water bottle after the body is warm to avoid scalding caused by standing still for a long time after falling asleep. .

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