Talk about the origin of the PVC hot water bag
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The invention of rubber makes humans finally have a hot water bag. This flat guy is better than soft. People can put it comfortably in all parts of the body, such as putting it on the abdomen, no longer just on the feet.

After the Great Navigation, Europe had a large number of rubber colonies, and rubber trade continued. This lightweight and cheap material quickly became the raw material for the hot water bottle. In 1903, a Croatian engineer invented the first rubber hot water bag and registered a patent. Until now, the technology of rubber hot water bottle is still in use, which can be described as long -lasting.

The engineer named Eduard Penkala, born in 1871, died in 1922. Although he is not famous, he is a veritable inventor. In addition to the hot water bottle, he also has more than 80 invention patents, including mechanical pencils, the prototype of automatic pencil, and a pen with a solid ink -so he is also a passenger in the birth of the ball bead pen. He is said to still exist with a joint venture with others. In addition, he also opened a chemical manufacturing company to invented a detergent and an anode battery. He actually got involved in the aviation industry and was the designer and producer of Croatia's first single -wing machine. Of course, rubber hot water bottle is definitely the most important invention in the company.

At first, the rubber hot water bottle was a medical resource and was mainly used for hot compresses. It is the Italian tires Pirelli that promotes the hot water bottle to the civilian field. Does this name look familiar? That's right, the Chinese translation is Pirelli, and the Serie A Inter Milan team has long -term sponsor. It promotes the rubber hot water bottle into a fashion lifestyle, which quickly causes an upsurge.

The hot water bottle entered China, of course, the first city of the Far East was Shanghai. At that time, global brands can be seen in Shanghai. Within a month of release in the United States, Hollywood movies will be available in Shanghai. The hot water bottle is also introduced as part of Western life. After 1949, the rubber hot water bag entered millions of houses, becoming a must -have for each household.

In recent years, social development is too fast, and many things have gradually been eliminated by the times. Instead, you can still find some old things in Europe and the United States and Japan. Traditional hot water bottle still has a great sales in China, but the impact of electric water bags on this market is quite large.

Of course, the so -called "traditional hot water bag" is only the form (irrigation) instead of materials. The traditional rubber hot water bottle is the main material is rubber, and in addition to the natural rubber in the production process of the rubber hot water bag, calcium carbonate, white charcoal black, sulfur, agent, promoter, etc. are added. Because of this, the PVC hot water bottle came into being.

In Germany, 40%of furniture uses PVC as the surface material. The main ingredients of PVC are polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance their heat resistance, toughness and ductility. It is rainproof, refractory, anti -static, easy to form, and is non -toxic and tasteless, which is not stimulated to human skin or respiratory system. PVC hot water bottle is resistant to high temperature and does not deform, and the surface heat transfer is slow. Even if it is loaded with high temperature, it will not be hot. The insulation time is much longer. In summer, the PVC hot water bottle can also be put in the refrigerator as an ice pillow.

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