Take away the old problem with PVC hot water bottle
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 PVC hot water bottle? Don't underestimate him. Try hot compresses trouble by these old faults.

Apply back cough

The hot water bottle is filled with hot water, and the external thin towels or cloth bags can be applied to the back, which can accelerate blood vessel dilation and blood circulation in the respiratory tract, trachea, lungs and other parts.

This is mainly because the bladder of the back of the back is the watch of the main body.

Common hot water bags can be applied to the bladder meridian and ductive veins normally, which is good for cough, cold, and improve resistance.

Sleep with neck

There is a sleeping point on the neck, treating insomnia and dizziness. Putting the hot water bag on the back neck before going to bed will feel gentle and comfortable.

In addition, applying the neck with a hot water bottle can also act on Dazhui, so it also has a good effect on the treatment of cervical spondylosis.

relief the pain

After 24 hours of injuries, when the swelling starts to improve gradually, local pain is applied with hot water bags, about 20 minutes each time, 1 or 2 times a day, which can effectively promote blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of congestion and exudate, and deserture the warmonerpan. The role of cold and blood promoting blood circulation is reduced, and local swelling and pain are reduced.

Auxiliary treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common disease of male reproductive systems, with 35%to 40%of men over 35 years old.

The treatment of prostatitis should be standardized. Patients should listen to the advice of a specialist. The simplest and practical method is "hot water sitting bath", but the bathing bath is a bit inconvenient.

It is recommended that another method can be used to clamp a hot water bag under the crotch for 10-20 minutes to make the treatment easier and easier. Time to clamp the crotch with a hot water bag should not be too long and cannot exceed 30 minutes.


That is, the ordinary hot water bottle is stuck in the lumbosacral cubs vertically across the warm autumn clothes. The clothes outside should be wrapped tightly, and then sitting in the cushion to sit in it (strengthen the influence of the hot water bag on the waist). When I sleep at night, I will find that my tinnitus is gone every day.

This is because the heat is concentrated in the rear waist, and the heat is infiltrated into the Shenshu acupoints, the eight acupoints, and the Mingmen acupoint.

Alleviate diarrhea

For abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by cold, simple therapy for hot compress gods can be used. Apply the hot water bottle to the Shenxiang acupoint, and you can also apply the Guanyuan acupoint (at the four horizontal fingers below the umbilicus) at the same time, which has the effect of dehumidifying and removing cold, warming the spleen and kidney.

Note: Pay attention to the use of  PVC hot water bottle. The temperature in the hot water bottle should not be too high. Generally, it is advisable to feel comfortable in the skin. It is also important to buy a good hot water bottle. You can take a look at the hot water bag produced by Yuefeng manufacturers. The quality is guaranteed.

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