What causes the electric hot water bottle is not hot
Release date: [2022/11/7]  Read total of [48] times

Cold winter necessities have hot water bags, warm baby and other warm supplies, today Xiaobian wants to discuss with you why the electric hot water bag is not hot with the use of what is the cause.

Working principle of electric hot water bag

The working principle of electrode type electric hot water bottle is improved on the basis of solid electric cake. It adopts electrode type heating method and double temperature control insurance of temperature control and hot fuse. Under normal conditions, when the liquid temperature in the bag reaches 65 degrees, the thermostat will automatically cut off the circuit and stop heating.

Electric hot water bag classification

1. If the electric hot water bottle is electrode type, it is not safe to rely on the electrode heating, the internal solution is charged in the heating process, and the safety depends on the external temperature controller and the human eye (you read it right, the electrode electric hot water bottle is relatively frequently deflated, if you don't deflate it will be noisy). This kind of electric hot water bottle has actually been banned by the state.

2, electric heating wire type and electric plate is actually a principle, but it is the heating of the water which is very hot medium. Because of the whole insulation, temperature control, so much safer than electrode type.

What if the hot water bottle is not hot? Cause analysis and solution

1. The gas inside must be discharged, and remember to use barrel-shaped purified water, otherwise the water quality is too hard, it will make the electric hot water bottle uneven heat and even explode.

2, can change the water can use pure water, water injection needs a success, because it contains heating powder, poured into the water will lead to no heating! The electric hot water bottle can not change the water. Don't use it if it leaks.

3. One kind of hot water bag is that the manufacturer has filled the conductive liquid, which can be used directly when it is bought. There is also a kind of bought when not filled with water, but has put a powder (iron powder or ferrite), you want to fill the water, the effect is the same. Therefore, the liquid in the bag can not be randomly replaced by tap water, or it will not warm up.

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