Don't you like this hot water bottle?
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The cold wave is coming, the hot water bottle will become the "artifact" to keep out the cold in winter. I wonder if the cold sisters have prepared your hot water bottle. There are more materials of hot water bags on the market, and the diversified hot water bottles make you picky. I don't know if you have chosen the right hot water bottle?

The hot water bottle is better made of silica gel, which is an environmentally friendly silicone material. It is made by one molding. The hot water bag of this material has the advantages of colorless, tasteless and high temperature resistance, and the feel is soft, elastic, and can be bent at will. In addition to these advantages, the service life of silicone hot water bags is relatively long, in the correct use of the case, generally can be used for more than ten years.

PVC hot water bottle is very good, as long as it is a qualified hot water bag product, there is no problem with use, also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and non-toxic.

We should pay attention to the choice of PVC hot water bag, must choose regular brand products, because if you choose three no products, the material of hot water bag will be doped with other harmful substances, this use is not good for the body, will seriously affect health, but also may bring safety risks.

Here, it is worth recommending to introduce to you the classic Maca hot water bottle produced by Yuefeng. Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle adopts imported environmental protection PVC raw materials, and actively introduces advanced production technology at home and abroad. Each product has been tested by air pressure to ensure product quality. Durable heat preservation, explosion-proof pressure proof, water-proof, double-sided temperature sense, novel modeling, bright color, uniform heat dissipation, provide comfortable temperature, high temperature resistance, hot and cold compress can be, cold and hot dual use, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, strong wear resistance, no odor. Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle is thick enough to store more heat.

Classic Maca PVC hot water bag slow cooling power to continue the temperature, winter heating, summer ice without gasket design, to avoid the aging of the gasket, increase the spout design, water smooth and safer. Classic Maca PVC hot water bottle all kinds of colors, all kinds of modeling, at the same time to accept custom, to meet the needs of different customers. After years of efforts, Yuefeng has successfully developed Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other international markets, producing products for export to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries. Xiaobian believe that the month will be a good choice for everyone at the same time welcome new and old customers to visit and guidance!

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