Is there any harm in using a hand warm hot water bottle for a long time?
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In winter, many friends like to warm their hands with a hand warm hot water bottle. It is convenient to use a hand warm hot water bottle. Is it harmful to use a  hand warm hot water bottle all the time? Follow xiaobian to understand.

Whether the hand warm hot water bottle is harmful to human body needs to be analyzed according to the specific situation. Under normal use conditions, generally will not cause harm to the human body. However, if the temperature is high and used for a long time, it may cause skin damage. In the purchase of warm water bottle should try to choose qualified products, and pay attention to the use method.

1, harmless: in the case of the correct use of warm hand hot water bag, there is generally no obvious harm. For example, warm hands and hot water bags filled with water can adjust the temperature of water and avoid damage to the skin during use. If it is a hot water bag for charging, power off before using it, and avoid high temperature and long time. The correct use of warm hands and hot water bags can achieve the effect of warmth, can also improve the cold hands and feet, can promote blood circulation;

2, harmful: if the temperature of the warm hand hot water bag is relatively high, and it directly contacts the skin, it may make the skin red and swollen, and even lead to skin burns, which will cause obvious pain and skin damage. If the low-quality manufacturer is selected when purchasing the charging hand warm water bottle, it may explode during charging, causing skin scalding, accompanied by swelling, pain and other symptoms, which will cause obvious harm to the human body.

It is recommended to choose an appropriate temperature to avoid direct contact with the skin when using a  hand warm hot water bottle. It can be placed on the skin through clothing to reduce irritation to the skin and achieve the effect of warmth. Need to choose regular manufacturer additionally, and avoid to use when charging.

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